Twin Lakes Tweeds Tavern Stout


ABV: 5.00%

IBU: 45

Named after the historic Tweeds Tavern, one of the earliest breweries in Delaware, Tweeds Tavern Stout is an American stout fashioned in the Pacific Northwest style. It features a complex blend of the freshest American ingredients including black roasted barley, black malt, rolled oats, red wheat with Cascade and Galena hops. Our stout is mellow and mild with pleasant, roasted coffee and chocolate elegance and smoothly balanced body. It produces a thick, rich, foamy, mocha head that clings to the glass. People who say they don't like dark beers are surprised once they taste our stout and experience for themselves how delicious and drinkable it is. You'll find the original, restored Tweeds Tavern in nearby Tweeds Park in Hockessin, Delaware. The tavern was a favorite meeting place for early American farmers and merchants driving Conestoga wagons to market. The stout was brewed on the premises for the enjoyment of its many parched patrons. Twin Lakes is proud to continue the tradition by brewing this historical American stout.

Package Availability:

1/2 BBL
1/4 Slim BBL
12 oz Can

Brewery: Twin Lakes Brewing Co.

Origin: Newport, DE

Supplier: Twin Lakes Brewing Co.

Food Pairings: Broiled or roasted fish, chicken, pork or ham. Or, try making a “Stout float” with chocolate ice cream! (Yes, we’re totally serious! It’s great!)

Availability: Limited

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