Weyerbacher Quad

BEER STYLE: Quadrupel (Quad)

ABV: 11.90%

IBU: 39

"Big and delicious, QUAD is an elegant dark ale. Rich with complexity and flavor, try savoring it with a fine dinner. You also might enjoy it as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a dessert, but QUAD stands alone quite well. We recommend enjoying QUAD in a brandy snifter or wineglass so you can drink in the aroma of this fine ale. As with any higher alcohol beers, QUAD will be at its best after a period 12 months or so in the bottle, perhaps longer. We expect a shelf life of 3-5 years, but go ahead, we know you can’t wait. Enjoy one now, and another every month or two, and you’ll be truly amazed as QUAD gains smoothness and complexity over time as it ages. Quad is available in November and December"

Package Availability:

1/6 BBL
12 oz Bottle

Brewery: Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

Origin: Easton, PA

Supplier: Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

Hops: Simcoe

Food Pairings: Pairs with big, intense dishes such as roast beef, ribs or game that is grilled or roasted. Desserts that have dark fruit flavors, candied sugar, toffee and caramel.

Availability: Fall, Winter

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