Paulaner Salvator Double Bock

BEER STYLE: Doppelbock

ABV: 7.5%


  The father of all strong beers Paulaner’s brewing history begins with this beer. It was the Paulaner monks, who invented this unfiltered bottom-fermented double bock. This beer has been brewed for over 375 years - always adhering to the original recipe, with only a few refinements over the years. The head has a caramel hue and the beer is full bodied with a rich, warm chestnut brown color. The taste is unmistakeable, with its smooth chocolate flavour, robust dark caramel maltiness and a light note of hops in the background - providing a nice intensity on the palate. Often copied but never equalled: it’s the father of all double bock beers! A bottom-fermented beer and has been brewed in almost exactly the same way since the end of the 18th century. It combines the most delicate of hops and dark barley malt to give a strong, characteristically malty taste and an inviting, gleaming copper color.

Package Availability:

12 oz Bottle
50 L BBL

Brewery: Paulaner Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG

Origin: München, Germany

Supplier: PaulanerHP USA

Hops: Hallertauer Herkules, Hallertauer Taurus, Hallertauer Tradition

Food Pairings: Such an aromatic beer needs a strong companion. Because of that, roast and other aromatic delicacies fit best to our Salvator. How about a delicious roast duck with plums?

Availability: Year Round

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