Pabst Blue Ribbon Easy

BEER STYLE: American Adjunct Lager

ABV: 3.8%


SAY HELLO TO EASY WHAT IT IS A highly sessionable, affordable light beer with a crisp, fresh flavor. • Lower ABV: 3.8% • Fewer Calories: 110 WHY WE’RE LAUNCHING NOW Consumers are looking for a lighter, sessionable beer that they can drink over a longer period of time – a brand that meets their lifestyle needs WHY THEY’LL LOVE IT It’s an easy-drinking, lighter, tastier beer for kicking back or kicking it with friends over long periods of time. An exceptionally sessionable, no-nonsense beer with slightly less calories.

Package Availability:

12 oz Can
16 oz Can

Brewery: Pabst Brewing Company

Origin: Milwaukee

Supplier: Pabst Brewing Co

Availability: Year Round

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