Miller Lite

BEER STYLE: Light Lager

ABV: 4.20%


Miller Lite is Triple Hops Brewed using one variety of hops (Galena) in three forms, added at three different times in the brewing process, with each step adding to the great taste of Miller Lite. Well-balanced flavor with a malty note, low bitterness, and a light body.

Package Availability:

1/2 BBL
1/4 Slim BBL
12 oz Bottle
12 oz Can
16 oz Aluminum Bottle
16 oz Can
18 oz Bottle
24 oz Bottle
24 oz Can
40 oz Bottle
7 oz Bottle
8 oz Can

Brewery: Miller Brewing Company

Origin: Milwaukee, WI

Supplier: MillerCoors

Availability: Year Round

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