Long Trail Thru Hiker Summer Wheat


ABV: 4.2%

IBU: 32

Thru Hikerâ„¢ Summer Seasonal Continue down the trail with this refreshing wheat ale. Thru Hiker Summer Wheat is slightly sweet with a hazy body and notes of citrus, spice and fruity hops. Like Trail Vision before it, Thru Hiker's branding re-connects us with the elements and values that started our adventure nearly 30 years ago. The updated look represents a commitment to our roots as Caretakers of Vermont Craft and a realized connection to the trails we've wandered. In the spirit of summer we've emptied our closet, organized our gear, and dialed in our priorities to create a super light, easy-drinking beer designed to see you through all your summertime sessions.

Package Availability:

1/6 BBL
12 oz Bottle

Brewery: Long Trail Brewing

Origin: Bridgewater Corners, VT

Supplier: Long Trail Brewing

Availability: April-August

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