Lagunitas Super Cluster

BEER STYLE: American Double / Imperial IPA

ABV: 8%

IBU: 60

Limited Release Super Cluster A citra-hopped mega ale of intergalactic proportions Transmission △135.12: One of the interns spotted a highly hydroxylated mass orbiting our third moon. We can tell very little except that it is most certainly from some uncharted backwater of Laniakea. We've already discovered some subgroupings, including an area of bottles, kegs, and garden gnomes (containing no metadata or cohesive communication skills). Of special note, found in the cushions of an orange couch, was a hand-scrawled rune containing a libational recipe using our precious Citra bine—an inordinately massive amount! Who could possibly convert our life source into such a casual beverage? Wπât's î‡ gøt tΩ dö wì†π ∫3eer? This out-of-this-world ale is a galactic blast from the glass, a Citrus supernova in the sky, jettisoning lupulin lusciousness through the cosmos and cross the universe of your palate. Enter its bitter orbit and we'll all float on, okay? Cheers!

Package Availability:

1/2 BBL
12 oz Bottle

Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Company

Origin: Petaluma, CA

Supplier: Lagunitas Brewing Company

Hops: Citra

Availability: July-September

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