Blue Moon Pacific Apricot Wheat


ABV: 5.6%

IBU: 15

Brewed with Ripe Washington Apricots.   Our head brewmaster, Keith Villa, got the idea for this refreshing and aromatic beer while vacationing in Scandinavia. The smell of fresh breads baked with cardamom filled the air and inspired Keith to brew a refreshing beer with apricots and a touch of cardamom. This beer is refreshing, with a luscious aroma of ripe apricots.

Package Availability:

1/2 BBL
1/4 BBL
12 oz Bottle

Brewery: Blue Moon Brewing Co.

Origin: Denver, CO

Supplier: MillerCoors

Hops: Mittelfruh

Food Pairings: Chef's salad, chicken, triple creme cheeses, stone fruit pie, apricot pancakes.

Availability: Winter

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