On Premise Sales Representative     Sussex County (Beach Area)

Sussex County, DE

General Responsibilities

Build relationships with your account base

Increase sales in each account, gain market share in the area

Familiarizes established accounts with new products and developments

Investigates and resolves customer complaints in accordance with company policy

Keeps information on competitive products, promotional matters, sales techniques, pricing, and marketing policies. Inform companies of competitive activity and conditions that would affect company interests

Under general direction, solicits business by personally visiting clients, attempting to interest prospective buyers and explaining the merit of product and its application

Refresh or make new POS to support any featured activity or new brands ie; menus, signage and digital media.

What's Happening At Standard

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We go above and beyond

If you sell beer, we’ve got what you’re looking for. In fact, our business is configured around helping you be as successful at our product as possible. We can help you with your sales force, promotion & special events, design needs, and we’ll even maintain your taps.