Flying Embers Fruit & Flora Hard Seltzers

BEER STYLE: Hard Seltzer

ABV: 5%


A harmonious interplay of bold fruits and delicate florals, our “Fruit & Flora” Botanicals collection was brewed to satiate while infusing inspiration with every sip. Clementine Hibiscus - 5.0% / 95 Cal The tangy pop of a freshly peeled clementine, intermingled with vibrant notes of tart hibiscus. Black Cherry Rose 5.0% / 95 Cal The natural sweetness of cherries picked straight from the tree, married with the classically romantic essence of rose. Passionfruit Elderflower 5.0% / 95 Cal The exotic sweet-yet-tartness of passion fruit, fused with the dainty-yet-musky subtleties of elderflower.

Package Availability:

12 oz Can

Brewery: Flying Embers

Origin: Ojai, CA

Supplier: Flying Embers

Availability: Year Round