Port City Ways & Means


ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 54

Port City Ways & Means Ways & Means is a session IPA brewed with rye that is complex and hoppy, brewed with generous amounts of rye to give it a spicy, peppery character. This low alcohol IPA has just the right amount of Citra and Centennial hops for pleasing bitterness. Ways & Means is crisp and thirst-quenching, and finishes with the typical clean, refreshing character for which our beers are known. The very first keg of this beer was served in the United States Capitol, in the original Ways & Means meeting room, to members of the U.S. Congress Ways & Means committee. Both Democrats and Republicans found that it was a beer that all could agree upon.

Package Availability:

1/6 BBL
12 oz Bottle

Brewery: Port City Brewing Co.

Origin: Alexandria, VA

Supplier: Port City Brewing Co.

Hops: Centennial, Citra

Availability: Fall

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