RAR Groove City

BEER STYLE: Hefeweizen

ABV: 5.40%


This German Style Hefeweizen is a throwback in homage of Cambridge’s most lasting nickname. As legend has it, Cambridge was once a crossroads of soulful musical talented boasting numerous venues that poured expressive and moving melodies into the streets. Scholars disagree as to when the nickname “Groove City” was first coined, however they do agree that it had gained major acceptance with the residents by the late 1980’s. Like all great things of antiquity, the music faded from the streets and the people soon forgot the meaning… …but every dusk has its dawn and the Groove City Hefe embodies the best parts of the past. Golden-yellow and hazy in appearance, this brew is a soulful combination of American and German ingredients. Complex yet incredibly subtle, a faint sweetness immediately greets your palate followed by a distinctive wheat note. Notes of banana and clove are ever so subtly detected on the finish.

Package Availability:

1/2 BBL
1/6 BBL

Brewery: RAR Brewing Co.

Origin: Cambridge, MD

Supplier: RAR Brewing

Availability: Year Round

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